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To me this is not about these space missions in specific but the direction that Bioware seems to be taking. The game world, FOR ME, is a place where I should have the exact same chance at success as everyone else who plays it. Now obviously those who invest more time would reach the end goal faster than those who don't. That part is OK.

However creating "shortcuts" to achieve end game goals whatever they might be is not OK. First of all it defeats the purpose of the entire game. I mean it would be like if you started a single player at the very last boss in the game with best gear and everything. Defeat the boss... game over.

Second and more important, it kills any notion of achievement for those who actually did the grind to acquire this gear. At the very least Bioware should color code these items differently so if there is someone who acquired an armor set by grinding he/she and the others like him/her should be the only people that have say green version of that armor. All versions of the armor bought on cartel shop are some other color. Even better the cartel item should be slightly worse than the one acquired in the game. NOTHING in the cartel should be "best in game" items.
What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me.