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One of my Ops groups runs EC HM / Asation and all the fun stuff.

We've got an operative with lethality that generally beats or ties with 2 snipers (myself being one of them). We usually rock MOX and always are having DPS races. So, to say that Ops cant dps as well as othee classes is a bit silly.
Of the snipers our operative beats in our MOX runs, we have a leth sniper and a MMS. Both rocking the DPS.

Just sayin -- ops can be awesome -- better healers though.
I agree. The more I play my DPS operative the higher the sustained DPS and peak DPS gets as compared to other DPS in the group. Hitting countermeasures and stealthing out of boss aggro is getting annoying now. If we get a gap closer, look out Marauders. LOL
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