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Quote: Originally Posted by Burtlebe View Post
See here is the thing, If you los we can just kill someone else.
Not if its 1 on 1

And notice all I had to do was LOS for a second and you switched targets and let me free cast.
Quote: Originally Posted by BobaStyx View Post
Enjoy eating an Orbital Strike while behind that pole There are ways around LoS, a good sniper/gs will get you out of it, forcing you to eat the burst or completely disengage and go somewhere else. Win-Win situation for us.
Its not a win-win though because I'm still LOSIng...I just happened to take an orbital strike. Have you ever tried to kill someone 1 on 1 as a sniper without using channeled abilities?

I'm not sitting here saying snipers are easy to kill. But if you think they are immune to LOS then I would disagree with that.
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