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12.12.2012 , 02:05 PM | #90
I just leveled a sniper to 50 and my main counter was scoundrels/Ops shadows too but not as often. However even with stealth they had to be careful because I can swing the camera around behind myself even as I engage a target in front of me. So often Iíd see them and pop the knockback before their opener or hit flashbang if I had another target at the moment and then if possible come back and dot them before they vanish. More than one dps melee class is a good counter as well if one is a sentinel and can disappear during an ambush cast or SoS channel. Honestly if someone pops a defensive ability often Iíll just flashbang them for the duration.

A really well played shadow is the best counter IMO even though shadowstrikes opening burst isnít as hard as a scoundrelís can be, they can sit in stealth until entrench wears off and hit you with the forcespeed, forcewave , shadowstrike combo knock you out of cover. Itís hard to often target them because of lag which is even worse with speed enhanced classes, they just look like a deadly blur. Itís disorienting for a second and at that point youíre screwed.

I've noticed scoundrel's will wait until Iíve taken damage from another target so that their opener doesn't give me much of a chance to defend myself. 7.5k burst within 2 gcd hits hard if you are already taking fire from elsewhere. A good tip for fighting a sniper is not only to LoS but wait out the procs of followthrough if they are marksmen spec'ed. I'm often able to easily kill LoS targets because I can proc followthrough by using snipe, ambush or takedown on any other random person on the battle field. Then when they pop out to DoT or instant cast me they get hit with a 2.5 to 4.5k instant ability, we also have a decent instant DoT as well. So if you notice a sniper attacking someone else and there is nothing you can do to help them, Iíd wait 6 seconds for the proc to wear off before you eat a ton of burst you really didn't have to.