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That opens up a whole realm of questions. If BW was okay with selling top-end gear on the CC, then why would they be against someone selling their account? I mean, BW already bans the selling of credits, but they seem to be okay with someone buying items from CC and selling it on the GTN, so it's sort of like buying credits (though the credit amount fluctuates due to market costs). In short, BW is against it because they do not profit from the transactions unless they control it via the Cartel Market, that's the bottom line.
Well see, now we are getting into a whole new realm of discussion with that, and the affect of EULA's in the gaming industry. But that's best saved for another thread/forum I think.

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Not sure where you're leaning with this but I'll bite. No, it would not be a problem. The cost would be more consistent. Right now the cost between gameplay hours/effort/hoop-jumping and real world money is so imbalanced that anyone who values their time will be compelled to simply buy these items and move on. Possibly feeling scammed in the process.
That's exactly what I am getting at. And if that be the case, why not then ask for a reduction in the grind? I have to jump on board the ArenaNet ship here and say that having less grind in a game is a good thing. We can ask to have RW prices raised on these items, but where do we then draw the line on what's fair vs. what will prevent the item from selling enough to make it worthwhile to sell in the first place? Perhaps, instead of screaming P2W at every turn, perhaps we should be asking for a reduction to required grind which would save us our time, and thus allow that time to be used towards things in game that we find more enjoyable.

Let me take this a step further. I explained some of my feelings on selling end game gear in the store in a post on page 35. Since we can determine there can be a median where RW cost of a "P2W" item can be acceptable and equitable to the in game acquisition of said item, if the CM offered the top tier PvE gear set for $15 and it was also available in game via 2 million credits, would that be OK as well?

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