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Not sure where you're leaning with this but I'll bite. No, it would not be a problem. The cost would be more consistent. Right now the cost between gameplay hours/effort/hoop-jumping and real world money is so imbalanced that anyone who values their time will be compelled to simply buy these items and move on. Possibly feeling scammed in the process.
Basically my thoughts on that, too. Someone who really enjoys the space combat could get 500,000 on their goal for a full set of high-end space gear. Hell, that's more than buying a full set of Grade 6 off the GTN by at least double. But the current standings - 1500 fleet comms, 400 or so daily comms, 300k credits, and then your choice of either more fleet and daily comms with cybertech, or even more credits on the GTN?

That's a lot of hoops to jump through for someone who was planning on using their "free" subscriber coins on, oh, I don't know, the Life Day holiday "event." You know, because "subscribers get free coins, so they have no reason to complain about anything in the Cartel Shop." The whole process reminds me of a Dane Cook skit involving going to the "Whopper Lair."

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Found out that the other pieces are in the game, albeit also at insane amounts of "things," so screw it. Space Combat, one of the things I found fun in the game, can now go perform acts on itself in private with an iron stick.
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