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12.12.2012 , 01:21 PM | #436
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Let me ask this:
If they were to offer the Tier 7 ship parts in one complete package for $5 on the CM and also offer it from a Vendor in game for 500,000 credits, would it still be a problem?

We sort of have that already with HK51, don't we?

And I didn't see a real problem with it on HK51. But that's because there's other factors than what you put in there. And I did do the full quests twice now and probably will a third time (waiting on someone who said will be back into the game next month to run it with). But I wanted to see if there was any difference doing it REP or IMP side. One of the factors is we didn't get BH comms for HK (although doing the quest way to get him, it might have been a nice added bonus) but we didn't get that with HK. If the BH comms were taken out of the equation, I'd have a little less issue with it.