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I'm going to guess that if you have actually traveled to Nar Shaddaa for questing you finished her quest without realizing it. And since that is the last conversation/quest that she has in act 1 you have to wait for act 2 to continue her story.

I say you didn't realize it because it was only a conversation with a guy in the cantina, I have no idea why it was rated level 30 when the guy you talk to is inside town that you are questing at in low 20s. Since there was another quest in the same cantina you probably walked over and talked to him the first time you were there.

If you finish act 1 and don't get several conversations immediately, then I'd re-do your ticket. I know my mako was actually maxed out at 10k before I finished act 1 so I was strickly waiting on the act endings for her conversations the whole time.

QFT, I did the same thing, then told a level 20 buddy of mine to go ahead and do it now, the XP is a lot nicer at 20 then at 30
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