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Those are fair questions to ask. Then again, they already answered the last one on previous occasions. At this point, they have no intention of releasing the top tier PvP and PvE gear on the CM at this point in time. That, of course can change in the future if they see that selling those items would mean more money rolling into the game than not.

You know, I'm not even sure what's the point of these questions because, you're right, BW is going to do what makes them the most money and they're not going to say "never going full P2W" if their research shows, at some point, it will make them more money.

I just need to accept they'll do what's best for themselves and I guess I'm just basically saying, "Bioware, if you start selling any top-end gear through the CC beyond ship upgrades, I'm going to unsub."

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Let me ask this:
If they were to offer the Tier 7 ship parts in one complete package for $5 on the CM and also offer it from a Vendor in game for 500,000 credits, would it still be a problem?

That is an interesting question. I mean, I didn't really cause a big hoopla that you could buy all of the end-game mods/hilts/enh/armorings off the gtn right now, so what's the difference if End Game gear was available on patch day for X amount of credits as well as Y amount of dollars, right?

That's a good question. I guess I made allowances for the current case of gear because BW's itemization is so bad it was much easier to have a crafter make all of my BiS gear versus trying to farm it. I guess I'm more okay with credits and community prices in game because generally you have to work a little bit for your credits and earn them while you don't have to do anything in game to whip our your credit card and buy it.

That opens up a whole realm of questions. If BW was okay with selling top-end gear on the CC, then why would they be against someone selling their account? I mean, BW already bans the selling of credits, but they seem to be okay with someone buying items from CC and selling it on the GTN, so it's sort of like buying credits (though the credit amount fluctuates due to market costs). In short, BW is against it because they do not profit from the transactions unless they control it via the Cartel Market, that's the bottom line.