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12.12.2012 , 12:17 PM | #8
LOL this is the biggest disgrace I have ever seen in this game yet... Not only is 1300 CC not expensive (I spend more money on coffee and cigarettes every day) but the schematics are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced as are the ship parts themselves from the vendor.

First off you need to give everyone who bought a schematic from the vendor yesterday a full refund... Why the **** would anyone put up 4 stabilizers when they can buy the final part for 150k ??? And since there's no point in crafting them you should just take the schematic out of the game entirely. And those people who bought them already also deserve an apology.

I agree that in the scheme of things this does not greatly affect a p2w paradigm, since the weekly rewards from the missions are so terrible... 2 BH comms? really? you can get like 65 just from doing the weeklys and another 45 or so from dailies so another 10 wont make a huge difference but really that's not the point. The point is that you dare to tout this as a "Cybertech" thing when it clearly couldn't be remotely construed as a way for cybertechs to make money. I'm just waiting for the next impatient idiot to come along and post 10 pages of ship parts for 50k a piece like they were doing with the cartel armors last month. And while it may not make a huge difference it is stil a way for people to pay to get better gear which you said would not be happening... Whats next? Dread Guard comms available from the cartel market? You have to be able to see where this is going?

This is nothing more than a bad joke and a huge insult to all of us who love this game and don't want to see it destroyed by corporate greed. Keep the cartel market as it should be - vanity items that are cool but worthless as far as providing an advantage over others via stats and gear. **** if you want to make some money offer us some real speeders that actually go 110% faster that our normal speed (not our in combat speed) or legacy unlocks for QT / Fleet pass CDs (significant ones, not the laughable ones currently in game)... I mean seriously... Why the **** should the emperor's wrath have to wait just as long for a shuttle as a level 1 slave? Shouldn't VIPs get priority in the SW universe?