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Shinarika, if you're wondering if your build survived 1.6, it has, and still with flying colors. I don't think there have been any changes at all...

Either way, have some PVP videos, now in full 1080p quality.
1.6 Voidstar:
I agree. Even before 1.6, this (23/1/17) was still a solid build, especially for Huttball. For other maps, I would take the 2 points out of Instant Whirlwind and put them in Maul, to give you 23/3/15. Great to guard nodes etc until help arrives.

Everyone has been going on about 0/27/14 and although it is ok, surviving unless you have a pocket healer is difficult and most of the big hits come against badly geared folk. How that will stand up going forward is anyones business because I am not convinced that Infiltration is yet viable, despite have a massive(LOL) handful of seconds with blackout.

However, for burst damage, you cant beat full deception.