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Thank you for an excellent reply.

I will look into my strategies for TFB. If there is a video from a tank POV please point me to it. all i have seen is people tanking on upper platforms, so naturally that is what i did.
I must repeat that unmitigated dmg is a joke, especially when tanks have it so much harder in gearing up (since healers and dps both use crt/power while we use 2 entirely different sets of gear for tnaking and dps)
As promised: Sorry for the low quality. It's a long fight, and YouTube isn't particularly fond of multi-gigabyte uploads.

This is slightly less informative than it could be, since the boss is currently bugged (which we discovered live on camera), but it gives the general idea. The main thing is timing out the slime in the second phase so that you can move back to the upper platform just in time to plant it there, rather than on the lower platform. I use Resilience whenever I move up, and as long as I don't take more than 2 spits, I take no unmitigated damage (aside from the Scream) during the entire second and third phases.
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