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12.12.2012 , 11:34 AM | #1
Ok so I was playing SWTOR on the evening of 10 Dec 2012. Played just fine. Before I went to work, I downloaded the newest patch on 11 Dec 2012. I click play and this error window came up.

This program encountered an internal error and will exit.
Error Code: 7
Incompatible System: Please verify your system is compatible with this game.

I called SWTOR tech support and was on the phone with them for about an hour. They had me reinstalled the graphics card drivers from the ASUS website and still nothing. There is a yellow exclamation point by my video card icon on the device manager. I tried playing WOW and the same error came up. I called ASUS and they want me to send my laptop in. Maybe I'm missing something but how can my graphics card break over night???