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I missed this post before because I was typing about Dulfy's site to another person and how the screen went, I didn't see it until someone else replied to you.

The model itself: I really don't have a problem with it if it's in a true F2P game or even a B2P game ala GW. And GW tried to keep the better gear out of the shop. However, there are workarounds in there shop that can help you get the better stuff. Like how much coins you get for running the Bonus Mission series and then can buy from another player better gear. However, the PvP part of it doesn't really get touched by this. (Which stems to why I can separate the PvP out of the definition FYI)

The sub based game (TOR is still one how the F2P model is set up TBH because it's actually a trial of the game to 50 bumped up from the free to 15 that was here) with being heavy in MT type updates, I don't think can exist for long IMO.

Other games that started as a sub game and converted later have different levels of setup compared to TOR. I will concede that telling Bioware to copy ArenaNet's setup is impossible. ANet did GW and GW2 as B2P (btw, I hate that term on so many levels) from the start. Those that convert have to almost go back to the beginning and think what they can and cannot allow the trial players to do. I just feel that Bioware went too heavy handed. And another thread someone said to follow STO's model which I think was too light handed. I think both should move closer to the other but be in the middle.
Interesting discussion.

To me WoW is the last bastion on the MMORPG subscription only business model. It is pivotal to the industry for it has one of the largest subscription only base and is both a pioneer and leader in the base MMORPG game mechanics.

I too think BW might have gone a bit heavy handed on F2P ( not enough value to attract new players), I don't think they have yet gone far enough on P2W but I also don't think they have fully explored or even scratched the surface on the insane amounts of revenue they could make with added customization and cartel market. But I have to be honest and accept I have absolutely no data to back those opinions.

I can be more certain though that EA/BW has a team of business folks who are constantly looking at numbers, customer responses, industry trends, etc and they are actively looking for ways maximize their profits/minimize their risk when it comes to the F2P model.

I mentioned this on another post... people complain often that "it is all about the money" bringing up corporate greed as the driver for the business model evolution we are experiencing. They are right, in context ( greed aside). Not many years ago, while the industry was still discovering its market, there was noticeably more emphasis placed on developing ways to attract customers via unique content/game mechanics, etc. Those days are past and what we have today is a know formula and standard that most MMORPG's have adhered to ( The EQ/WoW model). The industry has matured and yes, there is higher emphasis on profits and business risk management... until capitalism kicks in and the next big thing arises... who knows we may live to see it.