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12.12.2012 , 10:43 AM | #39
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I am glad it is running again, 50+ in sector x is good news.
It's not as positive as it sounds..i got 50 fps in like the first 5 min out of combat in with only 8 people in the sector.

i still play Warzones at 10 fps and flashpoints between 15-25 fps

The worst thing is that i am doing this at the lowest possible graphic's

I before 1.3 i used to tell my friends that were playing this game that it's not worth playing if you do not play it at the highest graphic's. because the only thing difference between this game and Wow (the game we all played together for years) are the very cool and high tech graphic's.

But as i am playing it right now i might as well play WoW again because it looks horrible, cant play it more than 1 hour straight cause of the headache's i get..