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12.12.2012 , 10:42 AM | #18
I'm always down to fight any of the bosses in the FP's I run. I also don't mind running past them. If you're on POT5 shoot one of the chars in my sig. a tell and I'll run one with you and we can fight whatever you want. I'm geared well enough that I can heal most HM bosses with nothing but Kolto Bomb and Hammer Shots. Which kind of explains why most people just want to run through.

A lot of people have all 61+ gear. Most of these boss encounters are not challenging for them. I've seen plenty of videos of people soloing the HM FP's so it's just another daily for them. And some of them would even prefer to just gear an alt or companion with the BH comms instead of the Columi drops from the instance. I mean they practically giving them away, haven't added it up but with all the weeklies plus dailies can't you get like almost 200 a week if not more?

So anyway iff you're on POT5 send me a tell my guild is always recruiting and we would be more than happy to help you gear up.
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