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I just found it there and was coming back to post. I think the ones for Daily Comms are being overlooked because of where you have to get them from. Or what was on Dulfy's site was something different than what he said was in the packs.

Link to Dulfy page
Cool, thanks for posting the information. Going OT for a bit, is this a good reference site for the game? I haven't noticed it before and am always looking for more sites with some good info.

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i played the chaa raa space mission with all the new gear and still pretty much died in a second when i flew past that minefield. if this was pay2win i want my win.
I haven't had the opportunity to play them yet, but I have seen several other people post about the difficulty. It could be that these missions need to be dialed back and are currently OPed. I suggested to someone else that they create a thread to that effect. If it seems that these missions are indeed too tough, then we should let BW know they need some nerfing.

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