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Actually, I think he had to start from lvl 1 when he re-rolled, that's why Palpatine just sent him to kill the children instead of fighting fully trained Jedi. It would also explain why he lost to Obi-Wan and why his attempted Force Charge failed so badly.

I think the most interesting question is this; the two times Anakin fights Dooku, he weilds two sabers - in their first fight when Obi-Wan throws his saber to him, and in their second fight for a short second before he decapitates Dooku. Anakin would have to be a sentinel to do this.
Which means - get this; Anakin is a sentinel who uses only one saber...
Why would a sentinel only use one saber?
To me this proves what a clueless Master Obi-Wan really was.
I think this was in beta, sents could wear heavy armor back then. But the new patch dropped right around the time Anakin re-rolled empire, he switched to juggernaut I believe.
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