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12.12.2012 , 09:13 AM | #339
1. Red Eclipse

2. Babay'ka

3. After the last patch was impossible to play. The game crashes to the desktop after 1-3 minutes of play. Before the latest patch crashes to the desktop have been, but not so often - every few hours. Since I do not f2p player and pay the subscription, I have a very frustrating existence crushes to the desktop and the inability to play.

4. It's nothing. Just run on the location and all, after 1-3 minutes the game crashes to the desktop.


6. I followed your instructions for Windows XP, but it did not give any result. In the event log there is no information on the swtor.exe

7. Crash to desktop, with no error message from windows, the games just freezes for a sec and then im in the desk, with the screen settings changued.

Thank you. I hope for your help as soon as possible