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12.12.2012 , 09:05 AM | #41
I'm enjoying 1.6 so far, a few complaints but they are very minor and should mostly sort thmeselves out in afew weeks:

- Players quitting WZ's immediately. I'm pretty sure this is because they wanted to try the new one so when one popped that wasn't it they bailed. should sort itself out after everyone gets a few runs through it.

- People who had no clue what to do in the new WZ. Please check out Dulfy's Ancient Hypergates write up, it's very clear and explains everything you need to know. Seemed like everytime the WZ popped 3 or 4 people would say in Ops chat that they had no clue what to do.

- No defender points in AH for guarding the node. We lost a few rounds because of a late double cap due to no one guarding. And with no defender points (at least that I noticed) for guarding it's tough to get someone to stay there. So far the best strategy I could come up with is have a guard but as someone is running back with orbs have the current guard run out to meet them half way. That way the carrier has eyes on the node and call the guard back if need be and you'll be down one in mid for as short as possible. Carrier becomes new guard rinse repeat.

It could also be feasible for a Sage healer to kind of float in between. Healing form the door which can provide LOS if needed and being able to speed over to the node to assist if needed. They would also be able to heal any orb carriers as they left mid if they needed.

Overall I'm liking 1.6. Got my WH chest and head last night on my Commando and noticed a huge survivablility increase. Nice to have a new WZ, having one more really adds a lot to the rotation.
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