Thread: Who LOVES 1.6?
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12.12.2012 , 08:07 AM | #35
Finally got the new WZ. Can't judge it much because I only got it once out of maybe 10 matches. All I know is there is a lot going on there and a lot of chaos right now as people try to figure out what works best and what the terrain offers. I enjoy that but hope to enjoy it more as I get to know it better.

Overall; I just like that I can gear up my alts. I tend to get bored if I have to just play my main so I likely will ignore EWH gear for a while, and can do so with the current gear gap. Thing is; if you don't like alts, there still is that min-maxing you can do, it just isn't going to net you that much. Yes; bads will still be bad, but that has nothing to do with the gear gap or lack thereof.

I think I may turn to gearing my bodyguard merc next. I know they are not a favorite, but it's teh only AC I have on the imp side that heals and it seemed I was in teams a lot last night that could use a healer. Of course; as soon as I am on the merc, I will be teamed with 3 other healers. Never fails.