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12.12.2012 , 07:45 AM | #397
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i got frustrated and logged into LOTRO, played for 4 hours without a single disconnect. This tells me it's not my internet, it's this game.
Yep, I've been playing a couple of other MMOs and they work perfectly---no crashes or latency/lag red x's of death. Also, my Vent communications remain completely functional and uninterrupted during the SWTOR latency spikes, DCs, and server boots. Some experts on this thread have traced the problem back to the data center in Austin, which is experiencing serious packet loss. The problem started immediately after the super servers came online and everyone was transferred to them. This thread is evidence enough that the problem is almost universal and that Bioware apparently is ignoring it.

BTW, I tried to test the new WZ yesterday, but promptly hit the lag, and was kicked out of Voidstar in the middle of the battle. I just exited and started playing one of my other MMOs. very frustrating!!!