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Stopped reading around the part where you said that you couldnt play rateds without the more or less perfect rooster. That's the problem right there. I'm not expecting anyone to play rated with 8 commandos but it has reached the point where people are so afraid to lose that they rather split up into two groups for normal warzones than take one "less optional" player.

The same thing happens when someone is trying to pug some rateds for fun. The hardcore group will instantly pick up on it, gather their best players and join the queue. Stuff like that is not exactly helping the situation because that pug group will now only play one game.

Pretty sure there are some Coral wins with me in the group where we win or atleast are competitive with Commando healer and no bubble stun sage, and some with a commando DPS. But then again, try playing huttball without a combat sentinel. Its like starting the game one goal behind. Just saying. Or even better. Try having anything but a shadow defending weak node. Its a defeat by the time you entered. If you cannot understand why is that, theres not so much i can do

I have yet to see people puging rateds for fun. They pug for comms farm. Do you know how irritating it is getting a pop after 30 mins or so and entering an empty warzone possibly because 2 pug groups are trying to farm by trading wins or w/e ? Try holding the group you created together after that
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