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12.12.2012 , 07:26 AM | #47
Cant add more than what I'risa sayd.

I only do pug wz, rarely i grp with some guildie, and what i see sometimes is something like "i have see things that u cant imagine". From time to time i just think that people are masochist and they enjoy loosing wz.

Just why u need to try a 3cap while we alrdy have 2, why u cant write "s2 or l3" its simple -.- 1 letter 1 number.
Why u cant buy a normal gear. why u stay behind the ball career just stomping your head on the keyboard tryng to get some kill while your career is getting stomped alone tryng to score.
Why the hell u love so much mid.....we have the ball ppl stay in mid, sith are scoring and reps are all in mid...we have the 2 opposite turret in CW and rep go mid, we are defending heavy the east panel and ppl go mid.

Its just incredible that leaves me without any logic comprhension.

I just started to stay afk in those type of wz, i hate it but i hate more fighting with those type of genius.
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