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This. 8 man premades are an issue. 4 mans are not.
To my understanding, this is how the premade rant started. But now most people just want to see premades burn in hell.

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No reason to complain about OP classes. If you're a "true pvper" in ranked warzones, you're playing one of those classes.
More like, you were forced to reroll to one of those classes and every time you log in you are forced to see how much dust your underpowered toon has gathered so far . Think you got me kinda wrong. This attitude does not apply to this game only. Perhaps rephrasing into: ppl who actually love to pvp don't really care about how broken the enemies class is, they are gonna go kill it anyway. If they fail, respawn, reflect on what went wrong, give it another go.

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I play with the Op when we both pug and he is an excellent player.
Quoted for being THE TRUTH

Also, why people are complaining about BM being removed is beyond me. Now you guys can get Full WH gear really fast. What 1.6 did is to practically eliminate the gear gap. The upgrades the EWH gear give are trivial. But hey, gotta b*tch for something right?
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