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I play with the Op when we both pug and he is an excellent player. I have a fond memory of Alderaan where his scoundrel and my shadow managed to chain lock 3 imps and steal the turret to win the game by a whisker. In any case, the original post has many valid points and I have nothing against premades in normal pvp. We all get to enjoy the game in one way or another. I have also learned that with every patch, the republic side seems to lose a bit of IQ points when it comes to PVP. Let us take yesterday as another example. My guild was quite empty after the servers came back up so I did not have sufficient people online to form my own premade. What happened? I pugged of course and got into a warzone.

I looked at the ops window, I was the only one with gear and 3 had no expertise. We all know peeps are farming relics and don't even bother putting some expertise. It was I'risa vs White Noise premade. Those on TOFN know what I am talking about. All good and fun going in there, getting smashed for 5k-6k, chain locked dead. The stats at the end were super: i did 130k dmg (the second guy had 40k dmg) while the imps killed in the 30s and 40s and got the 300k medals. I 'enjoyed' that game immensely and decided to get more 'fun' in a second pug queue.

I joined a Voidstar where 2 people had gear, myself and one guardian, the rest were pretty bad. We were against FUBAR and we won by letting them get the datacore while we did not. Our strategy involved having people not use chat to call incoming and not even saying anything in chat. Healers were ignored by most except myself and that guardian. We were the ones that actually tried to make a difference while we lived. 2-4s? Cant remember, the 5k railshots where the highlight of my day. In any case, my winning streak continues to 14 in favor of the imps ( i play on the rep side) and I kind of gave up after that.

As I said, I have nothing against premades, keep queuing them, trash all these bad players in PVP so they actually go play mario because I really am fed up with trying to do something in a wz, while they stay left in alderaan getting medals.

PS: My old server, LC, had the same issue and with premades we weeded out the bad players. Before the server demise, we were queuing in normal 8 WH peeps with voice and warzones were enjoyable. Red Order vs Dai Bendu vs Judge matches were fun.