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“Ghost Shadow”, low orbit above Coruscant

By the time Serlynne finally got to her ship and slipped into a hot bath her left hand slowly started to come back to life and her anger has passed, so the assassin was feeling herself somewhat guilty.

I should have stayed with Nerama no matter what she said or did. Retaking the holocron may turn out to be a pain in the ***.

Serlynne reached for the datapad she purposefully left nearby and breathed a sigh of relief. According to her tracker, the artifact has successfully reached the spaceport.

Huh… maybe those other guys were not so smart and skilled as I originally thought. Nice.

The assassin was just about to leave the bath and start dressing, when her ship’s comm suddenly sprang to life.

-Serlynne Windshield, - said a calm, cold voice, - what do you think you are doing?

Serlynne felt her heart skipped a beat. Rainbird… crap.

- Right now, nothing, - answered she, trying to sound as much calm and casual, as possible, - What, you have a job for me?

-Stop playing games with me, Banshee, - now Rainbird’s tone was harsh, - Twice this week, you have visited Coruscant Security under false pretences and used my name for credentials to get into High Security wing. Now the most valuable thing that was kept there went missing and we have evidence that a Sith was involved. So I am going to ask you one last time. Where is the holocron?

Damn. The last thing I need is to be accused of a collaboration with the Empire and declared a traitor to the Republic when in fact I was the one who fought with that Sith!

- Yes, I was checking this thing out, - said Serlynne quickly, - There is a huge reward for it’s delivery to Nar Shaddaa so I wanted to know what’s this fuss is all about. But I swear I didn’t take it and I have no idea where it is now.

Which is half-true by the way

- Except for the fact that you were there, when it was stolen, so you most likely know who and where have took it. And now you will get the artifact back to us.

- Whoa, buddy, wait a minute! – protested Serlynne, - This is not how I work, and you damn well know it. Besides, why should I even bother with your toy? And how much do I get for it?

- You have no idea what you have helped to steal, do you, Banshee? – sighed Rainbird, obviously angry because of Serlynne’s lack of knowledge on this subject, - You have no idea what is on this holocron, do you?

- Well then, why don’t you just go ahead and enlighten me? I won’t tell anyone, I promise, - joked the assassin.

- Let’s just say, should you refuse my offer, I will order the planetary defense systems to blow your ship to pieces before you manage even to sneeze.

- You are bluffing, Rainbird, - retorted Serlynne, unhindered, - If you really have that kind of resources at your disposal, you don’t need me to know where the holoron is.

- Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, feel free to guess, - dismissed the man, - However, this is an excellent opportunity for a significant insight into our enemies plans. You will follow the stolen holocron, find out who and why placed a reward for it, as well as what do they need it for, and then return the artifact to us. If you succeed, the Republic will forget all the crimes you have commited against it. Should you fail or abandon your task, you will be declared a traitor and an Imperial spy and placed at the top of the Republic’s Most Wanted list for the rest of your life.

- You are insane! – exclaimed Serlynne, - There is no way I will become your slave like this.

- Who said anything about becoming a slave? – laughed Rainbird, - If anything, you can consider yourself a temporary supernumerary SIS agent. Welcome to your new assignment, agent Windshield, and good luck. Raibird out.

The comm went silent. In the next minute something, probably a small missile was detonated near the “Ghost Shadow”, so she ship shuddered from rock to bottom. Obviously it was Rainbird showing how serious his words were. Serlynne sighed.

I knew this mission will be trouble. I just didn’t know how ugly it can get. Well, agent Serlynne, time to do something about it.

Then the datapad Serlynne was still holding in her hands, produced a few loud beeping sounds. According to the tracker, the holocron was moving away from the planet’s surface.

My so-called allies are leaving Coruscant and they didn’t bother to warn me first. How typical of them. Now I have to pretend that I bugged their ship to keep the real tracker safe and hidden.

The assassin quickly dressed up and hurried to the cockpit. However, before she was able to plot the hyperjump to Nar Shaddaa, the ship’s comm once again went live.

-Tuk’ata to Banshee, please respond, - said a pleasant female voice, - are you there, Banshee?

- Babshee’s here, Tuk’ata, - replied Serlynne. Tuk’ata was the name of her contact inside Imperial Intelligence, - what’s up?

- As you probably already know, someone offered a large sum of money for delivering an artifact locked inside Republic Security HQ on Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa. Our sources indicate that this artifact was recently stolen from its vault and is currently en route to people who placed this offer. You mission, should you choose to accept it is to locate the artifact, eliminate both the kidnappers and the clients and deliver the item to the coordinates, listed below. Your reward shall consist of 600000 credits along with full pardon from Empire for each and any crime you have committed against it . Is it clear, Banshee?

- All clear, - replied Serlynne, trying her best to suppress a grin,- Anything else I should know?

- Yes, - admitted Tuk’ata, - Be advised, at least 2 other agents and a Sith are trying to obtain the artifact. If they manage to do so, your mission is to assist them in any way possible. The amount of your reward will be set according to your actions. It is also possible that you will encounter SIS agents trying to return Republic its property. We are willing to pay extra for any Republic agent you take out.

Then I should start with killing myself.

-Fine, I get it: help your guys, kill the rest. No problem, - assured Serlynne.

- In that case, we wish you luck and hope for your soon success. For the Empire!

Serlynne waited a bit to make sure no one listens and then burst in laughter.

They have a **** load of people looking for the holocron and the Empire still came to me. What in the name of all Hutts is on this holocron? Shematics of some superweapon? Tips about how to set up a mass production of Force Sensetives?

Still laughing, Serlynne set up the course to Nar Shaddaa and “Ghost Shadow” jumped to the distant star.
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