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Let's just explain the assassin tank attack rotation...

Note: this will not work the same way at level 30, since you don't have points in harnessed darkness yet, but when you do:

(this is not a priority list, but the actual order of attacks)

1. Shock (builds up first stack of HD)

2. Wither (debuffs the enemy with -5% damage and builds up second stack of HD)

3. Discharge (mainly for the accuracy debuff)

4. A melee attack (this will be either Thrash if high on force or Saber Strike if low on force or Assassinate if targer below 30%)

5. Shock (build up the third stack of HD) (may or may not be powered up with Enegize)

6. Force Lightning (consumes all 3 stacks of HD to do biggest damage and healing you)

And repeat that all over again and again, with maybe some slight variation depending on situation.

Of course that's just damaging attacks, you need to manage some other things at the same time too, like keeping Dark Ward up...

Main points are
-always use shock and wither as soon as you can if they are not on cooldown and you don't have 3 stacks yet,
-use Force Lightning when you have 3 stacks of Harnessed Darkness and and never use it without 3 stacks (as even though 1 or 2 stacks do give some damage increase (though less than 3), only full 3 stacks will allow you to get selfheal)

That is what we use for selfhealing