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12.12.2012 , 04:59 AM | #6
If you want to do less selfhealing in total, and loose a big chunk of your survivability and do less threat, for apparently no real benefits as a tradeoff, go ahead.

Wither not only debuffs your enemies with -5% damage, which is very important for your survivability, but it also builds up stacks of Harnessed Darkness allowing you to build up to 3 stacks much faster and heal yourself with force lightning more often, which also adds up to a lot more healing in total.

Well, put it this way...

PVE tanking: Absolutely not. Wither is a must have, and DF sucks.

PvP: Maybe. I suppose some builds with DF might be viable too, on some situations, but it is still questionable.

And you could have just gone to read some of those other discussions about wither vs deathfield