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Hmm, glad everyone seems to like it, but I no idea what game you guys are playing.
For me 1.6 has made no difference so far:

Steamrolling when matched with a good team, getting stomped when matched with a bad one.
Still a stun fest, still lots of leavers.
And still a bunch of fools making the same old mistakes, only now they are in better gear.

New wz isn't bad, but clearly biased towards stealthers. Otherwise, just a spiffed up cap-and-hold rehash.
Err...what had any of that got to do with the pattch update?

1. Getting stomped is down to players this is a multiplayer game and believe it or not but when you pug, you will end up with players who dont have the same skillset as yourself. This is why you can que as a premade so you can play with equaly skilled players.
2. Stun fest..i still dont het this crap. Each team can use your own stuns to stun bavk. Ita an equal trrade. I honestly dont see the issue here. If you dont like stuns and roots play gws 2 theres sweet f all cc management thete which is one of the many reasons its failing.
3. If your calling new players fools thrn your kust pathetic. Like point 1 above, some people just cant keep up with pvp in this game and simple play for fun. Sure its annoying but what use is there insulting them. Ivr lost many a warzone due to bad players, but thats what i get for pugging. Again..there is nothing you have mentioned which has anything to do with this patch.
As for leavers, its annoying true but i wont go into that. Most of the time me and my premade can carry without 1 or 2 leavers.

Seriously, biased towards stealthers? Its a two cap like any other cap wz but you have to be out of stealth on middle to cap those bunle things..what in that mission makes stealthers better? I dont think you get the warzone...

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