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Greetings MorgonKara,

Firstly, if you connect via Wi-Fi please instead connect your machine directly with a cable if possible.

We do have a connectivity troubleshooting page here:
It may be helpful to some users to go through that and perform any of the relevant steps.

To try to identify connectivity problems can I ask you to post your pathping results here.
To do this please go through the following steps while experiencing lag:

In order to generate a pathping, please complete the following steps:
  • Press Windows Key + R, type ‘cmd’ and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter rather than just enter will run this command as administrator and prevent the message 'the requested operation requires elevation'. In the command window, please type in the following command:
  • pathping -n
    • Please replace ‘’ with the relevant server IP below.
      • If you play on an East Coast server:
      • If you play on a West Coast server:
      • If you play on a European server:
      • If you play on an Asia Pacific server:

This may take a couple of minutes so please wait whilst it completes. Once the information is visible please right click and select "Mark", you can then select all the information using your mouse, when you have selected everything press return/enter. This will have copied all the information that you have selected. Paste it to a text document and save.
  • Copy/Paste the content of the file into your post using this format: [spoiler]content of pathping.txt[/spoiler]
Please modify your pathping file so that your IP address which is entry number 1 in the list of IP addresses is not visible and attach the pathping.txt to your reply for analysis.

Please note we are unable to support users with 3G internet connections or over-clocked systems.

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