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As a subscriber from the beginning, it is extremely poor form of you to release schematics to the community and then turn around and sell the finished item on the Cartel Market, particularly when the schematics in question are costly to obtain in terms of in-game time. This is exactly the sort of short-sighted P2W behavior we were promised we would not see, and it only took two patches to appear.

You can try to micromonetize everything in sight if you want, but you'll destroy the game in the process. Something about geese, golden eggs, and the inability to procure an infinity of said eggs via vivisection.

Disgruntled Long-Time Subscriber/Undertapped Monetization Opportunity
hmm, this is definitely unfair to crafters, I see less of an incentive to grind for the schems now. Though, for 1300 cartel coins for the full set per toon, it's a pretty steep price to pay with RL money. Then again, that is the idea behind "Pay" to win, so I guess we'll see how the market is for these in the coming weeks. I have been rather surprised by how much RL money people have spent on stuff though, several of my guildies have dropped cash on cartel coins like it's candy and they're subs too. Bioware must be making a ton of money since the F2P launch, or EA, rather.
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