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12.12.2012 , 04:02 AM | #21
Dear Bioware,

I'm afraid you are following a path I cannot follow.

At the moment I dont feel like celebrating, since you have already confirmed that this game is going on a dark F2P path, where the store doesnt sell mererly fluff items. I frawned when I first saw lvl 50 crystals on it, I frawned when I saw that the cosmetic (read customisable outfits) gear had mods and lvl restrictions on it, and now I'm feeling like throwing the towel after seeing the grade 7 ship items sold there.

I dont feel I get my money's worth for my sub. You offer extra character slots to prefered players, yet you intend to make us fork over 4 slots money worth for having 16 character on the same server - something most of us didnt plan in the first place - was all due to the merges. Then you say we (subs) can have more then 50 characters across servers.

You dont have enough servers for us to make more then 50 even if we were crazzy enough for that. Thats a hand full of nothing. Even if I, as european, made 12 chars on the english PVE, PVP and RP server, would still be 36!
You never came up with better maintenance times, you dont fix unify colors for companions that you introduced on 1.5, cinematics are again sufering from coat/cloaks bugs, my battlemaster coat butt will never be fixed...I could go on but summing it, I dont feel like celebrating!

I will continue to hate F2P, including the fact that i now have to group with ppl that dont even have sprint for alt low lvl flashpoints, and this isnt a celebration. If i want to celebrate i can take part on either lotro winter festival, or everquest 2 feelfrost one, where i can get all sorts of items for my chars or their houses. This is just lame.

I suport you most of the time, but since yesterday I feel very disapointed - and I bet none of your team will bother to read this and voice our concerns to those in-charge. Please change direction, or else we might.