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I am not trying to start a dick fight here, I just pointed out that the gap between our two madness parse was not so significant given our different gear, whereas I did way less dps than you in MM. I am absolutely inclined to admit that I am not good in MM but what you parsed in full madness was also not the best possible parse. I am pretty sure that if you'd parse against the gap between the two spec (and between or respective parses ) would be higher.

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Mad maul has been around a long time, and has made it into a large number of raid dps parses and dummy parses and such.
The results were then listed on a thread here somewhere on our assassin forums and madness was ahead of the next highest dps spec by about 200. Madness was in the 1800s and the next highest which I do believe was full deception was 1600s.
Mad maul was fairly low on the list and the maul buff affected deception as well, so even if that thread were pre-1.5 deception would still be higher than mad maul and I can't see the gap changing.

I'll have some free time next week so ill just do a full dummy parse of all the specs and see what comes up, but I'm certain full madness and full deception are the current 1 and 2 specs in term of current dps.
In case you guys can't bother to read the whole thread to see Razz's parse. Here is my parse on Mad Maul spec using the exact build posted by Xethis over 9 min.
The dps overall is very evenly distributed. This is a pretty neat build. Can be bursty and can sustain dps.

Parsed ~1750 dps with buffs and stim. I am artifice and thus no adrenals, like Razz. Not BIS and I parse LOWER than Razz on Mad Maul. Where do you guys pull this 1600 dps from, this build is so easy to run....sure it is lower than pure madness and I made that clear in my post before, but it is definitely better than any deception spec you can run without specifically gearing for deception can be camp/black hole geared on this and pull great dps...I wouldn't mind running this in actual raid because the dps output for burst in raids are awesome. In fact, wait for my raid parse next week when I ran HM TFB 16 with this. We just downed it tonight >.<...