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Here's the real answer. I have been holding this one back but I'm gonna lay it out since you asked....
(I expect this reply to start some QQ by PvE people when they realize what is about to happen)

You can reverse engineer any PvE OR PvP armoring, mod, or enhancement if they are 26 or 27. This means black hole, as well as war hero gear! You need multiple toons to have the appropriate crafting skills though.

On your main toon, spend a few days getting 50-60 black hole comms by doing the daily group finder, and weekly black hole quests.

Buy the cheapest piece of black hole gear. Rip out the armoring, mod, and enhancement. Buy a legacy armor shell and put the mods in it and email it to your other toon who can reverse engineer.
Cybertech - can RE the armoring and mod
Artifice? - can RE the enhancement

This will give you at the minimum, 3 stabilizers and possibly 6 if you're lucky. So in a nutshell, thats the master plan. Sure it takes a bit to set up if you arent there already, but if you are going for a truely uber account, this is the way to go. And you can also do the dailies on the other toons and pump out even more Stabilizers.

Broken part: This is the part that I predict will have PvE people having a hissy fit:

In 1.6, war hero pieces cost non-ranked warzone comms. You will be able to buy war hero boots or gloves for like 900 warzone comms. That takes a solid 2-3 hours. But then you just RE the 3 things you pull out, and have 3+ stabs in a few hours of work. Sad part is, the PvP people are better set up to do this than the PvE people are. Hence my opinion on the complaints.
yeah, been doing that a while myself. Got a synthweaving toon to 50 to test out REing the gear too. I was able to RE the bracers for 1 stabilizer, but when I got a pair of boots, pulled out all 3 mods, then RE'd that, I got Lost Artifact never RE'd the actual clothing from black hole or campaign, so not sure if those yield the same grade 1 arch mats or if they give you stabilizers. The belts/bracers do though, but cost wise, you're probably better off getting a pair of boots for the 3 mods/3 stabilizers for only a few hundred more comms. But yeah, only told my guildies about it, a couple were gonna jump on it, the rest didn't seem to care. Here's hoping bioware won't nerf this. "sorry, gaining molecular stabilizers faster than intended." *raises cost of wh gear back to ranked comms.*

here's hoping the cost of stabilizers will drop a bit, and Really hoping the costs of the mods/armorings/etc. will drop from 2mil each. =P~~ Though, with the crafting mats more readily available, wouldn't be surprised to see more crafters go from "free with your mats!" to "your mats + 1 mil!" Though, from what I've seen on the market, stabilizers are still going for around 200-250k.

Ultimately though, while purist pvers may qq, it's a lot more fair for people who Only pvp and don't do pve content at all, allows them to make the same amount of credits that pvers make from running ops (and now hms) and getting bh comms out the eyeballs to buy gear to RE for mats, then sell. I mean, really, pvers are literally handed the crafting mats for running sm ec, which is a joke now. more easily attainable mats from REing extra pvp mods/enhancements is a good balance I think.

Though, since the comms are so easy to get from the increase in the gf missions might start queueing on my tanks again, hadn't bothered running any in a couple of months unless a guildie asked me to.
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