Thread: Who LOVES 1.6?
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12.12.2012 , 03:29 AM | #24
Im loving it.

I have been fully min maxed on my shadow for a while but the easy gear grind is refreshing for myself to either build new geae or re roll without the worry of having to grind for months to get an alt to the same level

Also its great to see newbies and bads have a chance rather than get steam rolled then cry here. No more excuses for having better gear.

The new wz is awesome and i can see lots of tactics coming into play for rwzs. People who arnt enjoying it are mad. Its a huge cluster of pire pvp in the middle which is awesome. Been waiting for a wz like this for a while.

People will still moan but i think its a great refreshing change to node caping spam.
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