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Have any of you tried the new space missions? They're impossible. I actually bought the packs for my ship to give it the best gear available and after about 10 attempts at one space mission I pretty much am ready to give up.
Yes. I did beat one (in the checklist) only to die in the 30 seconds at the end with the mass of destroyers blasting me from below and behind with no way to target them. So you can beat at least one of them with a little luck, lots of dodging, and 7 grade 7 ship parts. I bought the offensive pack with complimentary coins and broke down and paid $5 for the defensive pack when a good offense wasn't a good defense. I am not going to spend cash for the boosters.

But talking strategy in a thread for complaint is just out of place. lol

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What happens if you use the ball toss emote in a Huttball game?