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I just wrote this for the life day cartel packs argument happening a few doors down on the forum. But I felt it could actually work well here too for this subject.
Loads of bickering and arguing here, as always. The have and the have-nots going to war. Cash shops are poison plain and simple. It is corruption at its purest form. People support them and people don't. But it's the people who support and use them that help spread the disease.

"But these cash shops help keep the game alive and improve it!" some people say.

Really? So you think that a company that is being controlled at it's highest levels by the most greedy deceptive corporation, well one of em at least, in the business isn't going to continue to force anything that players would want or find tempting at all straight into the cash shop?

Like EA is going to say "Hey fellow pig dogs, look at all this money pouring in from our gambling packs and recolored armors that are already in the game!" and then say.
"Ok, we made enough money for now, hey Bioware!"

"Yes my dark lords of satan!" Jeff Hickman replies.

"We have made enough money this year from your silly online game, you can release future content straight into the game for now." EA great satan says.

"Oh thank you my lord!" Hickman snivels as he shuffles into the shadows.

Yeah, I highly doubt it. All this cash shop will reinforce is that they can make a lot more money at a faster rate then subscribers paying their fees. It will show the pigs at the top that too. Which will and has already lead to things being directly funneled into the shop and not the game, via Life Day Items, Cathar, and whatever else will pop up in it and not the actual game.

"Well troll, the players don't have to buy them if they don't want them." or "The player doesn't have to buy them, they can wait till it gets put on the GTN for a incredibly retarded amount of credits."

True and true. But that player and other players like him/her might buckle in the desire for said content and pay which just helps spread the disease. Or certain players might buy said content for the sole reason of selling it on the GTN to fatten their virtual pockets, which in turn also spreads the corruption of the cash shop.

This is why f2p and sub/cash shop games are a virus infecting and destroying this once great genre of gaming. And we are all already infected.
Cash Shops aren't the problem, how they are used are. STO had a fantastic Cash shop, where most of the stuff you buy is either just convenience or cosmetic yet, potentially to EA's amazement, they make quite a lot of money for it.
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