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Honestly, the whole Starship Upgrade scenario is a bit absurd in itself. Since the players that run starship missions are a small segment of the population, it seems like more of a test to me by BW/EA than anything else, a guage of how much players will tolerate in regard to the convenience factor. It certainly is on the slippery slope of what players deem acceptable in the store.
This is my entire argument and it was called whining about buying ship parts that I can get for free by doing missions at a pathetically low reward rate. As I said earlier, this is a toe in the water to test the temperature before they dive in. If you let them do this, they will move to the next minority, probably PvP.

People are tossing in XP boosts to strawman their arguments. Here's the thing... if you look at a Free to Play account and a Subscription account, what is the XP gain difference between the two? Now, look at an XP boost that lasts a fixed length of time. The XP boost is no different than a weekend pass meant for Free to Play to spend money to gain experience at the same rate as a sub for a short amount of time and then, EA hopes, but another boost and spend more than $15 per month in weekend passes than they would on a sub. It's a weekend pass that lasts 3 hours and not 3 days.

If you let EA start selling real gear to shortcut grinding, you will see them putting more and more in here. Maybe it's not Pay to Win. That's not the issue. The issue is if you, the community, let them get a precedent in place by using something very few people in this game care about or do, they will use that at the next level. By then, it will be "Well, you didn't care about it before. Why do you care about it now. In fact, you thought it was great before." So yeah, go on and fight over what is pay to win and what is not so that while EA has you arguing among yourselves over my wallet is bigger than yours so I don't care, they can be planning the next step in the big haul to milk you for cash.

Knock yourselves out!

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What happens if you use the ball toss emote in a Huttball game?