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12.12.2012 , 02:54 AM | #650
I'll have to disagree.

Over the years,I've played well over 20 MMO's and only one or two of those MMO's did a good job making events on a regular basis.They either become really cheesy,or annoying,or disruptive to normal game play.

In one event,a Halloween one in old Everquest,they had giant skeletons attacking the cities.It ended up killing newbies as they tried to eke out some meager lowbie exp (in EQ you lose exp everytime you die,so dying over and over will cost you game time and prevent you form levelling).After the event ,I logged into my account and found that my main who died during the event (and I didn't have time to rescue his body because of all the lag) was erased.So yes,I hate events,and I cancelled my EQ account.

Rather than plan events (which waste developers time from making content) it's better to hand out gifts. What I think TOR should do ,on Christmas (yes,I said Christmas),send in-game Mail to the chars wishing them well,thanking them for their support and few small gifts,like Minor Xp booster or random loot box.Keep it simple and classy,and save the time and money that would go into an event and put it into making new content.