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12.12.2012 , 02:32 AM | #158
The EU lore and story needs a rewrite from the thrawn duology onward.

Timothy Zhan is pretty level headed and character focused in his star wars writing, but most of the other stuff is just a bridge too far.

.The extra galactic invaders, for instance, need to be wiped from the star wars universe, as well as everything that happened in their story arc. Including the death of Chewbacca.

Though blowing up a planet to kill him was a fairly decent send off, it's also indicitive of the EU's tendancy to jump the shark with a nuked fridge and have it land on Mary Sue, who proceeds to blow up the planet and time shift through the force to a living spaceship where she meets Chuck Norris who proceeds to teach her the secrets of the universe and mary her off to brad pit only to be killed by "random unknown alien species B" that starts the whole mess over again.

Its troupe tripe to the N'th degree.

Oh ya, they blew another planet to kill off R2 as well.

EU writers just love blowing up planets. At this point im pretty sure there's 1 planet left in the galaxy somewhere.