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12.12.2012 , 01:34 AM | #13
I completely agree with the OP. I have three toons who have no use for drops, have very limited use for BH Comms, but I enjoy running Flashpoints as I really enjoy the content. The rampant skipping anything and everything in sight, the abuse of the exhaustion zones to facilitate it and the complete lack of respect for those who wish to do the FP properly are horrible.

To those of you who say "get a guild, run it with them", I'm in a guild, when we have guildies on we typically hit an Operation or run some War Zones. When there's few people on to do stuff with that's when I prefer to run a FP. I've pretty much quit tanking HMFP's due to the complete lack of respect for those who want to do FP's properly, which is a damn shame seeing as those three 50's are all tanks, which puts people in an even longer queue. I totally agree with the person who states the abuse of this system should be considered an exploit!