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12.12.2012 , 01:14 AM | #6
It'll die off in a month or two. There's only a few things that inspire a surge in population -- a big update or a recruitment initiative. F2P is the latter. The only other time I've seen a huge surge was when 1.2 was deployed -- even 1.3 was underwhelming. You eventually have people level up, hit 50, make a few alts then... promptly get bored. On top of the end-game content which, as you might see on the US servers, it gets old really quick, a poor population doesn't help in inspiring people to keep playing for the long run.

But checking the population versus Dalborra... yeah, no. Our population doesn't come close to theirs -- which makes sense, but the indicator isn't right. Doing a fleet check and starter planets check, on peak time our starter planets had a total of ~100 while fleet had 32 with ~30 50s. Theirs had 40 on fleet and 120 on Dromund Kaas alone with ~60 50s. 2 instances of operations going on with 3 instances of PvP. And server page said it was "Light" while ours was "Standard".

To reiterate (because I fear we might be getting off-topic)... population indicator is broken.

I can perceive how this is a problem -- and for people reading this and looking to role on the most populated server; pass this over and go Dalborra.