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12.12.2012 , 12:20 AM | #4
Wither is definitely something you absolutely must have for any kind of serious tanking.

The the +10 force is nearly completely useless. Having more max force worth less than half of even your cheapest attacks is barely going to make noticeable difference, even in the fastest trash mob kills you end up using up all your force and then have to let it regenerate to be able to use more force cost attacks. In longer fights it is completely useless. Your force is not going to regenerate any faster with it either as it regenerates the same speed no matter how high or low it is.

Not to mention to get it you would have to give up some other more beneficial skills too, and you would have to spend points to some other stuff useless for a tank to get it.

Getting things that lower the force cost some abilities or allow you to regenerate more force faster will benefit you, but getting +10 force does not.

I know at level 30 you will struggle a bit with the force regeneration, since there is almost no tank gear, but as you level up and gear up your shield chance and defense chance will get higher and you start gaining much more force from Lightning Reflexes and Lightning Recovery, those problems will disappear, whenever you are main tanking. Also after you have spent 31 points in the tank tree and gotten wither, spend the remaining points on Madness tree and get Torment, which helps a little bit too.

This is pretty much the only way to go