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12.11.2012 , 11:13 PM | #1
My War Hero pieces combat tech are only letting my trade for the new combat support (heals), I put a in game ticket in but I also have open in game tickets from the start of the month.

On another note I would like to express how disappointed I am with this game right now. I currently have 5 tickets open right now, like I said above some from the start of the month. The Customer support on this game has gotten worse and worse. Free to play shouldn't mean that customer support is no longer accountable for supporting their members. I've been playing this game since launch and even the fact I've gotten a reply to a ticket from a bot with a response that wasn't even related to my ticket a number of times really boils my blood.

I've had my hk-51 since hours after the 1.5 patch and still don't have all his gear.

I've opened up over 5000k worth of cartel boxes and the best item I've gotten is a pink/purple end crystal. Same crystal you can buy off the GTN for about 40k. (yes No mast, throne, white crystal, no weapons, no rare pets either)

We all log into today to see that the life day things are all on the cartel market, if you check the forums you know I'm not the only one upset about this. All the items in there should be obtained by a life day event. Not sold to us for quick cash. I know you guys have to throw a certain amount on things up on the cartel shop and I am by no means against the cartel shop but when you monetize something that would otherwise be free in the game as a world event it makes me really rethink my subscription to the game.

I have also reported many times of the rubber banding in warzones, and the glitch with the knock back after someone stealths (knock back not doing animation, damage or anything but uses the cooldown) This has been in the game since 1.4 2 patches later its still here.

I really feel like the value of my sub has gone down more and more. The extremely delayed response times on CS tickets and the monetization of game content makes me really sad.

I'd really like someone to take a look at my tickets and please get back to me, I apologize for the rant but I'm glad I am able to publicly speak it. Thanks.