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12.11.2012 , 10:55 PM | #336
1. The Harbinger
2. All of them
3. about every 1.5-2 hours
4. watching my memory usage .. as soon as swtor.exe thread 1 reaches 1.68gb and swtor.exe thread 2 reaches 400mb it crashes. This occurs on my desktop, which is a mid-range PC that I can run all settings on high and is windows 7 32bit. On my laptop, which is a low end (including a built in intel graphics card with windows 7 64bit - NO CRASHES.
5. This is a CTD, not a disconnect.

Prior to 1.4 (i've been in game since day 1) I never had a single crash. After 1.4 my desktop crashes consistently. No warning, just straight to desktop. Seriously - this is a memory leak issue that 32bit can't handle.

I'm getting just a little sick of seeing patches and updates that don't address this issue. It needs to be a high priority issue please. We see loading screens between planets, areas, fps and ops - so how about unloading the resources used prior to loading the new resources for the new location that I'm going to? It might not solve your memory leak issue - but it would definitely help those with a 32bit system.

Thank you