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12.11.2012 , 10:48 PM | #1
I got locked out of my account for failing to provide the answer to a security question that I never provided an answer before. I tried sending a ticket, no response. So I called the customer service. After an hour on hold, the "customer service" rep came on the line and without asking my name, my issue, or anything else proceeded to tell me to call back in an hour. I called back and again was on hold for an hour, this time no customer service rep ever answered. And apparently I pay for this abuse. So in the hopes that it is remotely possible that this will even be noticed, either I get a response from someone who is in customer service within the next 24 hours, or you can cancel my account. I refuse to pay for a service that I am not getting and be locked out of an account I pay for. If I can't play, I will not pay.