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What's sad is that I'd probably pay for it. Gotta do something with all those cartel coins, might as well be something worthwhile.

Hell, I'd honestly be content with pronoun swapping at this point. I mean, half the lines are already there. Vette specifically mentions adoption, and she even specifies that she hasn't ever "been" with a man before... why did she specify? This is just one example. Half the work is already done, if not all of it.

Could not somebody tell us why you can't tell us anything? Can we at least have that pitiful scrap?
Agreed, I don't see the problem with pronoun swapping hero sexual companions. I read the arguments against it, "oh real people are more complex than that they need to make the sgra's different to show the subtle variations of how a person romances a man compared to a woman". Come on....

Seriously now, this isn't Shakespeare these guys are writing with the companions and the romances. I haven't seen anything in my (admittedly limited since I can't actually level till SGRA's arrive) experience with the companions we never get this deep insight into their personalities and motivations that you all are talking about.

They dig the hero. That's really about as far as it gets. I don't see the issue here. The whole "writer lead time" thing was just a smoke screen to begin with.