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To be honest I should do more research on Ventress before I comment too much, but I do know that it was her who gave Anakin his distinctive scar. That really says something, even though Luminara described her technique as sloppy.

Bastila's battle meditation is not insignificant, but it's main usefulness is not for one-on-one combat as much as helping allies in large-scale battles.

Her more relevant strengths are her relatively strong saber skills (she went toe-to-toe with Malak and briefly fought Revan, Jolee, and Juhani---it should be noted that none of them were trying to kill her, but the fact that she posed a threat, and distracted Malak enough to let Revan escape, suggests she has some power, especially considering she was only a Padawan at the time), and her strength with general force abilities. I'm not sure exactly how their saber skills match up.

Still, I'd give the edge to Ventress, I guess.
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