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Pay attention Bioware. You have been weighed and measured and you have been found wanting. Your pathetic attempts to impress and promote what is "so great about SWTOR" is falling on deaf ears. Your using the Cartel Market to make up for losses, when it should be an extension of current gains. I am one among many that has tried to support you in this effort. Those die hard fans of Star Wars that just want to claim a small part of the Star Wars Universe for ourselves. You are making it hard to be a believer in your efforts to offer a game worth playing. Were this any other game it would likely have been scraped. But the Star Wars name and the undisclosed amount of money Bioware paid to make this game kept it alive.

Pull this kind of game play/game content out for a Mass Effect MMO or a Dragon Age MMO and it will be luck to see it's first year. By game update 2.0 you had better stop listening to EA money monger and start listening to the player base or you may find yourself expanding your employment criteria.

Bioware your first expansion (if you make it that far with this game) should be a complete space add-on. Complete with Guild Capital Ships, OPEN FREE FLIGHT COMBAT MISSIONS, some new races (at least 2 for each side), some REAL story content, and some ******n cause and affect.

Anyone play the game Freelancer? It was and still is an excellent game for space combat (story was so-so). I personally would be happy with the same type of space combat brought into SWTOR. While I admit SWG had to be my favorite space combat simulation, what they did with Freelancer is really good. Smugglers could really smuggle, bounty hunters setting up ambushes along trade routes. Patrols guarding refuel and docking stations. The interface is 90% mouse driven (a lot like the space missions in SWTOR except its free flight).

Get it together Devs this game is falling apart.
+1 To this and quoted for truth. Even the people you pay to champion your game on these very forums , can not dispute this.
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